Top Secret Nutrition XAT-7 General Review / Overview

I’ll start by saying that I have never personally taken XAT-7 by Top Secret Nutrition. That being said, this post will be a high-level generic overview of the XAT-7 product.

Top Secret Nutrition XAT-7 Review

According to Top Secret Nutrition, XAT-7 is The Genetic Equalizer – Anabolic Stimulator – Fat Incinerator. Seven Scientifically based metabolic strategies to annihilate fat at it’s core while protecting precious muscle.

The XAT-7 package contains some common ingredients that you’ll find in fat burner supplements.  Those ingredients are:

  • Coffee Bean Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Ursolic Acid
XAT-7 Is Said to:
  • Increase Lipolysis & Fat Oxidation
  • Protect Lean Muscle
  • Inhibit Fatty Acid Synthesis
  • Reduce Appetite

Q. Will XAT-7 make me jittery?
A. XAT-7 is a stimulant based product. Begin by taking one capsule to determine your tolerance and based on your tolerance and desired effect take two capsules per serving. If your desire is to be very stimulated take a maximum of three capsules at one time, not exceeding 6 in one day.

Q. Can women take XAT-7?
A. Absolutely, XAT-7 is a powerful fat burning support with muscle protecting components which can be taken by women as well. The dosage for women is lower, just begin slowly and determine your tolerance for the desired effects.


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