APS Recovery Formula Review – Pineapple-Orange

We recently received a nice sample package from All Pro Science (APS) supplement company. APS was co-founded by Tony Gonzalez in 2009. APS is a sports nutrition company that manufactures a COMPLETE line of protein shakes, vitamins and other supplements. The products in the APS line follow a similar philosophy to the one set forth in Gonzalez’ book, focusing on a balance of foods from all-natural sources.

The product discussed in this review is APS Recovery Formula. This is a post-workout drink designed to replenish and rehydrate your body as well as support a quicker recovery time. Some key points of APS Recovery Formula:

* No Artificial Fillers/Sweetners
* 3:1 Carbohydrate to Protein Ratio
* BGH (bovine growth hormone) FREE
* Low in sugar
* Good taste
* Whey Protein from grass-fed cows
* fortified with Vitamins and Minerals
* Gluten Free
* NO High Fructose Corn Syrup

I sampled the APS Recovery Formula after my workout. The first thing I noticed was the carb:protein ratio. This is widely debated and different people believe different things. I have no problem with the 3:1 ratio, however I would have liked to see the product contain probably twice as much protein, and then keep the ratio the same.
This product is very nice in that it is virtually free of all the “garbage.” As with all APS products, there are no fillers, gluten free, no artificial sweetners, no hormones, and no steroids which pretty much makes it possible for most people to use their products. It is also nice to know what exactly I am putting in my body, and with APS you can be guaranteed that their products are 100% natural.

Lastly, the taste of the Pineapple-Orange Recovery Formula was quite mild. This is a positive. It was very easy to drink. There was just a hint of Pineapple and Orange flavor. There was no weird after taste, and no overwhelming boldness to the flavor. I rated it an 8/10 for flavor.

To get the full product description and find out more about APS in general, visit www.allproscience.com


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