MusclePharm Nasty PUMP Chest #Workout @Musclepharmpres

Yeah, the name says it all.  This was a killer workout and really tore up my chest (in a good way).  The number of sets and the high number of reps was insane!  By the end of the workout even the lightest of the light weight was torturing my chest and I just needed it to be over :)  If you’re looking for a change of pace on chest day, have a decent amount of time and want to annihilate your chest, you have to try this workout.

MusclePharm Nasty PUMP Chest #Workout @Musclepharmpres

Incline Barbell Bench Press-20,20,15,12,10,8
Flat Dumbbell Chest Fly-20,20,15,12,10,8
6 sets total

Wide Grip Flat Barbell Bench Press-135 till failure
Chest Fly Machine-15 reps (i did flat bench flies again)
5 sets

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press-28 Method
Pushups-20 reps
3-4 sets

Cable Crossovers-20 reps (also did flies again)
Dips-15 reps
3-4 sets


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