What is a Beachbody Coach?

Every Beachbody program comes with a free Team Beachbody coach to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals. A Beachbody coach is not a personal trainer or a nutritionist. A Beachbody coach is someone who can earn income by helping others achieve their fitness goals. Best of all, anybody with a genuine desire to help people get fit can become a Beachbody coach!

Become a Beachbody coach

What does a Beachbody coach do?

A Beachbody coach helps his or her customers achieve their fitness goals by being their #1 supporter and accountability partner. Let’s face it, getting in shape is hard. Your Beachbody coach provides you the motivation you need to stay on track and get into great shape.

What are the benefits of being a Beachbody coach?

Beachbody coaches have several great benefits. The biggest benefit of being a Beachbody coach is the satisfaction of helping your customers achieve things they didn’t realize possible. In addition, there are several other perks:

  • 25% discount - Many people become Beachbody coaches simply for the discount. I signed up because I love Shakeology and, as a coach, I get my Shakeology for only $3.25 per meal!
  • Accountability - I have a responsibility to be accountable to my customers and blog readers. As a Beachbody coach, I know several eyes are on me. This keeps me motivated to workout, even on challenging days.
  • Unlimited income - Beachbody coaches can make unlimited income, simply by sharing the products they trust and love. Unlike my 9-5 job, my Beachbody income is a direct result of how hard I work. Some Beachbody coaches make a nice little side income, while others make six figures and quit their jobs. Anyone can make money as a Beachbody coach. How much depends entirely on you.
  • Brand recognition – Everybody has heard of P90x. Beachbody spends millions of dollars every year on infomercials and marketing. When you introduce yourself as a Beachbody coach, people know you represent a reputable product that gets results.

Become a Beachbody coach

How does a Beachbody coach make money?

Beachbody coaches can earn unlimited income. The two biggest ways Beachbody coaches make money are:

Beachbody coaches earn 25% of customer sales

This is the most lucrative opportunity for new Beachbody coaches. When you sell a Beachbody product, you earn 25% commission. Sell a bag of Shakeology? You've just earned about $30. If that same customer reorders Shakeology next month, congratulations! You've just earned yourself another $30! Beachbody products are highly recognized thanks to Beachbody's multimillion dollar marketing budget- and you can reap the rewards!

Beachbody coaches earn team cycle bonuses

Team cycle bonuses are the reason many Beachbody coaches quit their jobs. As you become more experienced, you will build a team of coaches underneath you. You will earn team cycle bonuses on every personal and customer sale for these coaches.

In time, your coaches will form their own coaching teams underneath them. This is where the magic happens. Not only will you earn team cycle bonuses on your coaches, Beachbody coaches earn team cycle bonuses on every personal and customer sale for every coach in their team.

Check out the video below for more details. It's cheesy, but very informative!

How much does it cost to become a Beachbody coach?

There is a $39.95 sign-up fee to become a Beachbody coach, but this is waived when you purchase a Challenge Pack. A Challenge Pack is a great way to launch your business and includes everything you need to get started. After that, there is a monthly $15.95 website maintenance fee (waived for military families and ND residents). However, this still saves you money, even if you only become a coach for the 25% Shakeology discount.

How can I become a Beachbody coach for free?

Active duty military members, veterans and their spouses can become a Beachbody coach for free and have all coaching fees waived. This is a great benefit and is Beachbody’s way of saying “thank you” for your service.

North Dakota residents can also become a Beachbody coach for free. This is not as well-known as the military discount. As a North Dakota resident myself, I will help you become a Beachbody coach for free and get your fees waived.

Become a Beachbody coach

How can I become a Beachbody coach?

You love Beachbody. You are ready to help others achieve their goals and earn extra income. If you are ready to become a Beachbody coach, sign up now. Still have questions? Fill out form below and I will be happy to answer. I am excited to help you build your team and will support you every step of the way.

Become a Beachbody coach


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