Cookies And Cream Mass Gainer Protein Shake Recipe

Wanna get big, gotta EAT LIKE A BOSS! Slam some whipping cream and whole milk, that will do the trick.

Before we actually make the shake, we're going to make some good ole whipped topping.  To make the whipped topping, simply take the 8oz of heavy cream, 1 packet of stevia.  Put everything in a single-serve blender and whip the crap out of it until it is thick.  Just be careful not to over-whip it or it will suck and you'll have to start over.

Next you'll want to mash up an oreo cookie and gently stir it into your whipped cream.  Put this in the fridge and then proceed to make the shake.  You can save the topping, as this should be enough for 4 shakes, and the nutrition facts on this post reflect that.



Nothing we make is that difficult, so to assemble this shake, just dump everything in a shaker cup or into a blender and let it rip.  Once it's all mixed up, add 1/4 of your whipped topping...then eat the rest with a spoon if you want.

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