Smackdown Bench Booster Workout Program

If Gabe knows one thing, it is how to get a big bench. His personal best is a 420 flat bench while only weighing 193. Gabe has put together the Smackdown Bench Booster Bench Press Program for those who are looking to bench press more weight or for those who have hit a plateau and are wondering how to increase their bench press max. Simply follow the routine below and you'll be well on your way to a bar-bending, 45s stacking, head-turning bench press. Combine this routine with Gabe's Get Big Philosophy and you'll be on your way.

The Program

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The Smackdown Bench Booster program consists of 8 workouts. Simply alternate week 1 and week 2 until you have reached your goals.

Week 1

  1. Bench Pyramid/Chest Workout (generate your pyramid)
  2. Smackdown Arms Bicep and Tricep Workout Blow Up Your Arms!
  3. MusclePharm Power Legs
  4. Military Swoldier Salute

Week 2

  1. Smackdown Chest plus 225x31
  2. Smackdown 3x100 rep arms
  3. MusclePharm Legs Workout
  4. Smackdown Shoulders

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