Time Under Tension Dumbbell Chest Technique - Save Your Joints!

I was watching a documentary on Netflix a while back called "The Perfect Physique" and there was one part of the movie where "Big Rammy" was coaching one of the competitors and he was having them do this "time under tension" rep scheme with low weights.  

Now the documentary did not make a big deal about this at all, however I picked up on it and thought it was really interesting.  The main focus of this training technique is to use very low weights and do the reps extremely slow so your muscles have more time under tension.  He would have them do, for example, 3 super slow reps, then 5 fast reps, 3 super slow, 5 fast, etc.  He said doing the slow reps have nearly the same effect on the muscles, but since the weight is low, it saves your joints and tendons.

.  I have a torn rotator cuff so using heavy weights is really not an option.  However with the time under tension, super slow rep methodology, I was able to get a sick pump with only using 35 lbs and saving my shoulders.

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