Who is the Brofessor???

This is the Brofessor's blog and you are lucky that you found it. If you read this and follow my advice you are going to make some serious #Gainz and will have the ladies all over you. I am going to tell you what to do in order turn your skinny body in a muscular temple and stay ripped. There are some serious rules you need to follow, in order to let all those other posers at the gym know that you are "The Man", the Alpha at the gym and not to get in your way when you are lifting. 

Well lets get right to it. Before you ever step in the gym you need to have the gear, mainly that means you have to know how dress. 

1. You cannot wear a shirt that goes over your shoulders. How can you impress the ladies if you are covering up your pythons? Better yet your shirt should have the least amount of material as possible, cut off anything that looks like a sleeve, keep slicing until you get to the seam at the bottom of the shirt. This is going to guarantee that you showing maximum upper body awesomeness. 

2. Your shorts must be AT LEAST knee length and baggy. Although I spend a lot of time in the squat rack it not to waste time on squats. (You can't ripple your quads like pecs so there is no need for big legs. But that is a different post) WI don't want my bae to see that a stiff wind will knock me over and shatter my toothpick legs.

3. Now for your feet. Have to have white shoes, the whiter the better. Big bulky ones. If you get scuffs on them from lifting throw them out and get new ones. Also that is a good lesson, do not do any lifts that will scuff your shoes. Avoid them, don't even go near a dead lift station. Deadlifts just get you sweaty and dirty, you don't get jacked from picking up something off the ground. Babies, suckers and maids pick things up off the floor, not a Bro like you. Bench press, bench press, bench press.

4. Don't forget a hat, straight brim, stickers still on it, you get bonus points if you still have the tags hanging off. Keep the brim pulled low so you can glare at people and intimidate them. they will know that you are the one in charge here.

5. Most importantly don't forget your phone. This is one of the most important things you can have in the gym. Without it you cannot take selfies, or text your bae in between sets, while you are moving to do new chest exercise, getting the power rack set up for a serious session of bicep curls, or just about anything. You need to let him/her know just how awesome you are.

Well this should have you ready to step foot in the gym. But there are a lot of things you need to do while you are actually working out to get yolked.

the outfit will really get you on the right path be being a Ripped Motha. You have to dress like a stack bro if you want to actually be one.