Deadlift on Starting Strength

I've been doing Starting Strength since October and have made some pretty decent gains on my lower body lifts but am lagging a bit on my upper body.

36 y.o. male
Starting weight: 250
Current Weight: 215

Numbers below are 3 sets of 5, except for dead which I explain below:
Squat: 335
Bench: 220
Press: 145
Dead: 350*

My concern is my deadlift is more of 5 sets of 1 instead of 1 set of 5. My understanding is my deads SHOULD be ahead of my squat, but I don't have the strength to do 5x1. Should I drop the weight on my deads and build that back up? I also don't know that I can continue to recover from squatting heavy 3x/week. I'm typically getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, but I'm not sure where I should be for calories either as I don't want to get fat again. I got down to a skinny 205, but I feel much stronger at 215. Lots of stuff here... Any advice is appreciated.