Max Effort Muscle Post Workout Reviews

Share your experiences with Max Effort Muscle supplements from Cory Gregory.

  • I recently threw down and picked up some Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout and Post-Workout powders.  First of all, they arrived in a branded burlap sack - which was pretty sweet.  Second, I got a free t-shirt which was also cool.  The Max Effort Muscle pre-workout I got was green apple flavor.  It mixed clear, which was strange, but tasted exactly how I thought a green apple supplement should taste.  Aside from the awesome taste, it was crazy effective.  Now I've taken tons and tons of pre-workout supplements and I think I have a decent tolerance to the ingredients used in most of them, however the Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout gave me that energy and focus I was hoping for - overall, it was really good.

    The Post-workout is essentially 10g of BCAAs.  For this I am just doing what Cory suggests and dropping two scoops into my gallon jug and sipping on it all day.  I got the lemonade flavor.  The flavor was pretty good, but when you use 2 scoops per gallon, it is a bit diluted, but enough flavor to make it seem like you're not drinking water all day.  Overall, i'm happy with the Max Effort Muscle supplements and would definitely buy them again.