Homemade Pre Workout

I have used c4 pre workout for a while and did like it but recently decided to make my own pre workout. I researched a decent amount about different ingredients and purchased a few from powder city to avoid a 'proprietary blend' and to save money.
Here is my current pre workout stack:

6g Citrulline Malate
1-2g L tyrosine
1g Alcar
200mg Caffiene

What does everyone think about my concoction?

  • My go to is a couple cups of coffee if I do not have my normal preworkout around. I usually do it cold so I can drink it fast and not have to sip it
  • I usually make sure it's 5 am and that I haven't eaten anything in the previous 9 hours, then slam down a scoop of watermelon wreckage.... actually I'm joking. I've done this before and would take 200 mg caffeine, 2 g beta alanine, 10-20 g protein.
  • I might have to try this. Where did you get the raw ingredients?