Are PowerBlocks worth the money?

I'm debating purchasing some powerblocks.  Does anyone have them and are they worth the big price tag?

  • allow me to indulge myself.. is that the right terminology?

    I have the 90 lb urethane set. Let me tell you, they are pretty sweet. Very easy to use, convenient, take up a small amount of space against my wall, aren't super awkward in my hands, the list goes on and on..... However, I very rarely use them.

    Why do I very rarely use them you may ask?

    Well that is because I am currently utilizing a style of training that mainly focuses on the "big lifts" and compound movements, such as bench press, deadlift, squat, shoulder press, bent over rows, etc.

    So, in the end, if you do a lot of dumbbell exercises in your training, then I would say powerblocks are legit. Even though I don't use them too frequently, I am glad I have them for the occasional side raises, db curls, db pullovers, etc.

    Hope this helps!