SixPack Jacked Phase 3

SixPack Jacked Phase 3 is the most difficult phase.  By now you are well conditioned, probably way stronger than when you started and feeling pretty good.  One of the most important aspects of getting and staying jacked is your mindset.  
You need to push through the pain.  
You need to workout when you don't want to and do it with intensity.
You need to keep your nutrition dialed-in all the time.  

Phase 3 is based on principles from German Volume Training and will challenge your body as well as your mind.  Get ready - I'm not going to lie, this phase sucks bad.

Monday: Back

Lat Pulldown: 10x10
Bent-over Dumbbell Flyes: 4x12
Wide grip barbell rows: 4x12
Decline pullovers: 4x12

Stamina Conditioning
400m walking lunges

Tuesday: Chest


  1. Incline Barbell Bench Press: 10x10
  2. Banded Push-Ups: 4x12
  3. Dumbbell Flyes: 4x12
  4. Floor Press: 4x12

Stamina Conditioning
400m walking lunges

Wednesday: Legs


  1. Front Squats: 10x10
  2. Deadlifts: 4x12
  3. Back Rack Barbell Lunges: 4x12 per leg

Thursday: Shoulders


  1. Standing Military Press: 10x10
  2. Barbell High Pull:  4x12
  3. Seated Lateral Raise: 4x12
  4. Face Pulls: 4x12

400m walking lunges

Friday: Arms

Barbell Curls: 4x12
EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 4x12
Dumbbell Curls:  4x12
Weighted Dips: 4x12
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions:  4x12

Saturday: Olympic Lifts & Conditioning

  1. Power Cleans: 5x2
    With the same weight:  EMOM 10  1 Clean and Jerk

  2. Power Snatch: 5x2 + 1 Overhead squat on the last snatch

  3. Conditioning
    Choose one of our cardio and fat burner workouts or the conditioning part of one of our CrossFit workouts

Sunday - Rest Day

Eat. Rest. Grow