SixPack Jacked: Stay Jacked #2

Welcome to SixPack Jacked - Stay Jacked #2!  Once you've completed all 4 phases of the SixPack Jacked workout program, you need to STAY JACKED!  This means keeping up the intensity, effort and commitment, but with 16 weeks under our belt of putting down a solid foundation, we can start adding in a little more variation to our weekly workouts.  

StayJacked #2 implements the Jon Broz's Squat Every Day routine made popular by Cory Gregory.  Along with squatting every day, we also take bits and pieces from CrossFit, Ronnie Coleman, thick implement training and USA weightlifting.

The Stay Jacked workouts can be performed for a single week or up to 4 weeks depending on your goals.  
You should have completed Phases 1-4 of the SixPack Jacked Workout Program before moving on to the "Stay Jacked" workouts.

Monday - Squats, Cleans & Arms 

  1. Back Squat - Triples up to a heavy double

  2. Heavy Power Cleans 
    Every :30 for 10 minutes - 1 full squat clean

  3. Superset for 4 sets
    8 Standing Military Press
    20 Weighted Crunches
    *we're supersetting shoulders and abs because we're going for strength on this exercise.

  4. Superset for 3-4 sets
    Fat Gripz Barbell Curls: 12 reps
    45# plate front raise: 10 reps

  5. Superset for 3-4 sets
    Max rep pull-ups
    50' Farmer's carry

  6. Walking Lunges
    400m - do as many as you can with a weighted vest

Tuesday - Squats, Deads & Metcon

  1. Front Squats:  Work up to a heavy single

  2. Overhead Squats:  3x5

  3. Deadlift EMOM 10
    Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:  5 reps deadlift w/ chains 

  4. Heavy Thruster Ladder
    10-8-6-4-2 Barbell Thrusters
    *pick a challenging weight

  5. Conditioning
    5 Rounds
    300m Row
    2 Legless Rope Climbs (Sub with 8 towel pull-ups)

Wednesday - Squats, Snatches / Chest & Triceps

  1. Pause Back Squat Doubles
    2-2-2-2-2 (5x2)

  2. Power Snatch Complex

    4 Sets
    Power Snatch
    Power Snatch + Overhead Squat x 3
    Power Snatch

  3. 4 Set Superset
    Bench Press: 20 reps
    Weighted Dips: 8 reps

  4. 4 Set Superset
    Incline Dumbbell Press: 12 reps
    Max rep diamond push-ups

  5. Stamina Conditioning
    400m lunges

Thursday - Squats, Chest & Back

  1. Back Squats:  6x8

  2. Chest Superset for 5 Sets
    Bench Press:  20 reps
    Flat Bench Flyes:  12 reps

  3. Superset for 5 Sets
    Barbell Rows: 8 reps
    Incline Bench Press: 20 reps

  4. Superset for 3-5 Sets
    Lat Pull-downs: 15 reps
    Close Grip Pull-Ups: to failure

  5. 3 Sets Not For Time
    10 GHD Hamstring Curls
    10 GHD Back Extensions

  6. Stamina: 400m walking lunges

Friday - Squats & Accessory Work

  1. Pause Front Squats:  5x2

  2. 100 Rep Barbell Curls:  Pick a weight you can do 12-15 times and do 100 reps

  3. Dumbbell Pull-Overs:  4x12

  4.  Do anything else that you want - #DoWhatFeelsGood

Saturday - Active Recovery / Conditioning

400m lunges

Sunday - Rest Day

Eat. Rest. Grow