5 Minute Morning Chest Pump Workout

Sometimes it is the little things, the nuiances in our training that make the biggest differences.  Other times it might not make a difference in our physique, but the routine and consistency it provides is beneficial enough to keep going.  This is the case with the 5 Minute Morning Chest Pump Workout.  This workout is a 90-day challenge in where you will perform 2 sets of max-rep push-ups every morning right when you wake up.  Record your numbers and strive for one more rep the next morning....for 90 days straight.

This workout should not replace what you do in the gym.  It is intended to accelerate your gains and keep you focused.

That's it.

5 Minute Morning Chest Pump Workout 

Day 1:  Perform a set of max rep push-ups, rest 60 seconds, and perform a second set.  This is your number.
example:  20 push-ups set 1, 13 push-ups set 2 = 33 push-ups

Day 2 (and beyond):  Perform 1 more push-up than the day before in as many sets as it takes
example:  Day 2: 34 push-ups  Day 3: 35 push-ups

Repeat for 90 days...on day 90 you will be up to 123 push-ups.  I

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