SixPack Shredded Diet Plan

It's time to get shredded.  This diet plan for fat loss will help you maintain lean mass while shedding fat.  This program is high in healthy, essential fats, protein and fiberous carbohydrates.  We'll shy away from traditional carbohydrates in an attempt to get as lean as possible.  We will also be following some of the intermittent fasting guidelines to give us an extra edge in our pursuit for complete shredded mania.


Note:  SixPack Shredded follows the concepts of Intermittent Fasting.  We won't eat anything before NOON and our last meal will be at 8:00pm.  You should try to train fasted and drink only water and BCAA supplements.  If you are opting to take the fat burner, please read all labels and watch your caffeine intake.

Pre-Workout Supplement (Optional)
Sip BCAAs during workout, after wokrout and all throughout the day.
*No post-workout nutrition - don't eat after you workout!

2 Hours Before Meal 1 (Optional)
Fat Burner Supplement

Meal 1 @ 12:00 noon
5 Egg whites
1/2 cup of carbs (oatmeal or an approved carb)
1/2 cup of fruit

In-Between Meals (Optional)
Fat Burner Supplement

Meal 2
1c 1% Cottage Cheese (or 1 serving protein + 1/2 serving fat)

Meal 3
Meat: 8 oz + 1Tbsp Olive Oil
Vegetables: 2 cups 

Meal 4
2 servings fat (avocado, peanut butter)

Meal 5
Meat: 8 oz + 1Tbsp Olive Oil  (or equivalent protein source + 1/2 serving fat)
Vegetables: 2 cups 

2 scoops protein powder mixed in water
5g Glutamine - glutamine not necessary if it is in your BCAA powder