Cellucor C4 Sport Review - Blue Raspberry

This is my Cellucor C4 Sport review of the blue raspberry flavor.  I have to admit, I love Cellucor products.  It just seems like everything they come out with tastes amazing.  Lets be honest, if something tastes horrible, you're not going to use it.  Once the taste is good, we want it to be effective.  Cellucor C4 Sport is just that.  Great taste and has a good effect on my workout.

I have honestly burned through many tubs of Cellucor C4 Sport.  I keep going back to it because it tastes awesome, it works and when you buy it at WalMart (for $19) the price is right.  As far as I know, you can get it in 3 flavors:  Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch.  While the watermelon and blue raz taste like their classic C4 counterparts, the fruit punch is a little different - it still tastes good, but the flavoring is a bit different than classic C4 fruit punch.

Cellucor C4 Sport Review Highlights

  • Awesome taste
  • Mixes totally smooth with no granules at the bottom at all
  • Price is right - $19 at WalMart
  • Effective - you get energy, tingles and a good pump
  • Overall - great buy
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