Compound Lift Workout + 405# Back Squat PR

I have been focusing a bit more on strength lately and doing fewer metcons and it has been paying off.  I tied a PR today with a 405# back squat.  It actually felt pretty good.  I probably should have went higher but I am coming off of being sick and a minor back injury so I didn't want to push it.  The rest of the workout consisted of some compound lift super sets and, as always, walking lunges.  This workout had to be quick and dirty since I had other obligations with my kids and school activities.  I have been loosely following the Strong Wrestler workout program I created.

Compound Lifts Workout

  1. Back Squats - triples up to a heavy 405# single

  2. Barbell Superset Complex for 4 sets
    - 20 reps bench press @ 155
    - 8 reps barbell rows @ 205#

  3. 300 Walking Lunges
    200 with 40# vest
    100 no vest
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