Cory Gregory Squat Life Program Anabolic Fasting

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Cory Gregory recently came out with a new program called Squat Life. This entire program is available on Along with #SquatLife, he also came out with a new diet plan called Anabolic Fasting #AnabolicFasting. Also, the details on this plan can be found on his website. The program seems pretty similar to Squat Every Day with some twists, olympic lifting and bodybuilding days. It really seems to capture the essence of all types of lifting and training and combines it with the bad-assery of squatting every day.

I am going to begin the anabolic fasting nutrition plan along with a hybrid of Squat Life and the programming on #CompTrain starting on December 26th. I'll take some progress pictures and check-in frequently with updates, workouts and diary-style videos.

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