CrossFit / Built By Bergeron Workout - Snatch / Power Clean EMOM + HSPU and more snatches

So I've been back following Competitors Training (now in the comp train section on and I have to say I'm feeling good.  Today's work looked easy on paper, but it really kicked my ass.  It didn't help that my garage was over 90 degrees, but all in all it was a solid workout.  I think I could have gone a little heavier on the snatches, but my weight for the clean EMOM was spot-on.  Here was the workout:

EMOM 8:  2 Squat Snatches  (I used 145#)

Immediately followed by:
400m Run

Rest 2 minutes then...

EMOM 8 - 1 Squat Clean + 1 Clean/Jerk (I used 225#)

Rest as needed then...

EMOM 6 - 3 strict HSPU

Rest as needed then...

3 Rounds of

9 Power Snatches (I used 125#)
200m fast run

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