CrossFit Workout - Run/Cleans and Heavy Thruster Ladder

Here was a nice little workout I performed today.  It was a CrossFit style workout and included back squats, snatches, running, cleans and heavy thrusters (taken from the ground).  I performed part in my basement then headed outside to the old garage to finish it up.

The CrossFit Workout with Thruster Ladder

1.  Back Squats - Work up to a heavy double @ 335# then EMOM 6  1 back squat @ 335#

2.  Squat Snatches - EMOM 15 - 1 Squat Snatch @ 85% of Max

3.  5 Rounds:
200m Run
7 full squat cleans @ 185#

4.  Thruster Ladder:  175/195/215/235/235

CrossFit Workout With Heavy Thrusters - Thrusters Crossfit Video - Thruster Workout CrossFit 

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