CT Fletcher Sleeve Buster Pump Formula Review

I have been seeing some advertisements floating around Facebook lately for CT Fletcher's new supplement line.  I did some investigating as anything with CT Fletcher's name on it should be some bad ass, effective, whoop your ass bottle of pre-workout powder.  While I haven't actually tried the new Sleeve Buster supplement, I'll do my best to take a look at the product, ingredients and dosing.

CT Fletcher Sleeve Buster Pump Formula

Looking at the ingredients, we do not see what you would typically find in a pre-workout supplement (maybe aside from L-Citrulline).  Sleeve Buster is also stimulant-free meaning you can probably stack this product with your current stimulant-based pre-workout powder.  The glycerol will help your muscles stay hydrated.  The L-norvaline prevents breakdown of arganine and the beet root extract should help nitric oxide levels.  Combine these three ingredients and we're looking at one sick pump.

I'm hoping to review this Sleeve Buster in the near future.  If you've tried it, leave a comment below.

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