German Volume Legs, Shoulder and Arm Workout

Setting new PRs is pretty...The work it takes when no one is watching isn't...

This is a German Volume Training style workout to hit your legs, shoulders and arms.  German Volume Training is typically composed of 10 sets of 10.  I broke a few rules, but ended up doing more than enough volume to nearly make my arms explode.

  1. Barbell Lunges:  
    10x10 @ 75% bodyweight
    :45 rest between sets

  2. Military Press:  
    10x10  :30 rest between sets

  3. Giant Set for 7 sets
    Fat Gripz Barbell Curls: 12 reps
    Skull Crushers: to failure (about 12-15 reps worth)
    Close Grip Press: to failure (use the same bar as skulls)
    Side Lateral Raise: 12 reps
    :30 rest between sets

  4. Conditioning 5 Rounds
    Max Rep Dog Bone Pull-Up
    50' Farmer's Carry
    :30 Battle Rope
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