How To Get Bigger Biceps Fast

How To Get Bigger Biceps Fast - How To Get Bigger Biceps and Triceps At Home

So you've decided that you need bigger biceps. I mean let's face it, when has getting shredded and jacked really had any negative affect on anyone? You probably want to impress some women or be the beast-mode dad at the t-ball game that all the kids want to be.

You want your size Large shirt to pinch those peaks and have the vascularity of your arms poke through as you open-up your folding chair and watch some t-ball action or as you confidently walk down the beach knowing full well that you're the most jacked mo fo around. So, the question then is how do I get bigger biceps and how do I get big biceps fast?

To get bigger biceps, you have to train your arms (not just your biceps. Sure just doing curls all day long will give you a bigger nugget, however it's not just about sheer size of the smallest muscle of your arm, it's about perception and proportion that will make your bicep look bigger and sometimes look much bigger and more defined than it actually is.

To Get Bigger Biceps, Focus on Isolation Exercises

If you want a bigger bicep and a well-defined peak you need to isolate your biceps - plain and simple. You can do bicep isolation exercises in a number of ways with many different types of bicep curls. The main thing to focus on however is not the amount of weight you're using, but your form, range of motion and a squeeze at the top of each rep. You can get massive arms by curling less than 50 lbs in each arm if you train to failure and with proper range of motion. Let's look at a few bicep exercises you can use to get bigger biceps fast.

Preacher Curls

One of the most popular bicep exercises known to man is the preacher curl. With many different variations of preacher curls available you could make an entire workout with a preacher bench and ez-curl bar. Heck, people even use straight bars and dumbbells on the preacher curl which makes the possibilities even more abundant. The key to a proper preacher curl is to not overload the bar. We want to isolate our biceps and not use our shoulders, back and momentum to bring the bar up. You will want to lower the bar with control down until your arms are nearly straight. Keep a slight bend in the arm in order to prevent wear and tear on your biceps and elbows. Once the bar is lowered, focus on bicep contraction and bring it all the way to the top. Stop before the tension is released from your biceps though and then lower the bar again. Aim to complete between 8 and 20 reps. On your last two sets, go to failure.

Standing Straight Barbell Curls

Some believe standing barbell curls are the mother of all bicep exercises, however it has been proven that there is little difference between straight barbell curls and ez-bar curls. There are many different types of curls you can do with a barbell. Some of these variations include:

Regardless of which type of curl you choose, if you aim to complete 3-5 sets of these bad boys per week you will see your biceps begin to blossom. To up the ante, you can also throw in some fat gripz and blast your forearms as well - try it, it's a another kind of awesome.

With the standing barbell curl you want to be aware of the amount of shoulders and back you use and again, focus on form and isolation in order to make the bicep grow.

Dumbbell Curls For Bigger Biceps

There's nothing more awesome than standing in front of the dumbbell rack in front of a mirror ripping off some curls; seeing the veins pop out of your arms and biceps and watching your biceps grow rep by rep. Ah yes, the dumbbell curl is a corner stone of big biceps - if done properly. Again, as with all bicep exercises there are many different ways to perform bicep curls and I'll talk about a few of my favorites.

Incline dumbbell bicep curls with a Twist

Cory Gregory popularized the dumbbell curls with a twist as part of what was the Get Swole workout plan. To do these curls you will perform 6 reps per arm. After the 12th rep (6 on each arm) you hang the dumbbells by your side and slowly twist them back and forth for a 5 count. This forces the blood to pool in your arms and causes a massive pump. After you do the twist, you complete 4 more reps per arm. Do this for 3-5 sets and your grip will be blown up along with your biceps.

Compound Exercises For Bigger Biceps

Along with isolation exercises, compound exercises can result in massive biceps. Whether it is the barbell row or even deadlifts, the bicep is recruited in practically every upper body compound movement known to man. I mean ask yourself have you ever seen a dude with tiny arms barbell row 250# for 8 reps? Probably not!

Barbell Rows For Bigger Biceps

The barbell row is probably one of the best compound movements that can result in bigger biceps. The pulling motion of a barbell row not only will fire your lats, but also hits your biceps full-on. Any pulling motion will target the biceps but the barbell row, if performed correctly has the biggest impact on your biceps. When performing the barbell row you'll want to try keep your back parallel to the floor (maybe at a slightly higher angle). You will also want to limit the movement at the hip and focus on pulling with your arms and lats. Squeeze your lats and pull the bar to your chest and lower it slowly. When you're done with a few sets, your lats should be on fire along with your grip and your biceps.

Military Press For Bigger Biceps

While you might no correlate military press with bigger biceps, the fact of the matter is that military press can result in bigger looking biceps. Sure a military press, since it is a compound movement will hit the bicep slightly, but we're not using military to grow the bicep. We are using the overhead press to get bigger biceps by making our shoulder more defined, the groove between the bicep and shoulder more pronounced which results in the bicep looking bigger! By simply increasing the size of the other muscles on the arm, in this case, the shoulder, we can make our bicep look bigger and more defined.

Tricep Exercises for Bigger Arms and Biceps

While you might want to get the biggest biceps possible, the bicep is actually the smallest muscle on the arm. This means that to get bigger arms, you should be hitting your triceps hard! The tricep is a large muscle and can grow pretty damn big. When you flex having a gaping tricep bulging down below your peaking bicep will only make your arms look more spectacular. Here is a list of tricep exercises you can perform to get bigger arms.

Rope Press Downs For Bigger Arms, Triceps and Biceps

The rope press down is a great exercise for increasing the size and definition of your triceps. Again, this is an isolation exercise so limiting the amount of back usage is imperative for the effectiveness of this workout. You will want to control the weight through the entire movement and squeeze your triceps at the bottom of the movement when your arms are fully extended. Again, just as with the bicep exercises, you can perform 3-5 sets and go until complete failure on the last one or two sets. Nothing will help your muscles grow like pushing to fatigue.

Close Grip Bench Press For Bigger Arms, Triceps and Biceps

Again, we want to not only grow our biceps but also focus on the other muscles of our arms in order to make our biceps appear to be bigger. This is where close grip bench press comes in. Close grip bench press is probably going to be the exercise where you can move around the most amount of weight. You will be recruiting not only your triceps, but biceps, shoulders and chest. This compound movement will result in a pile of strength, bulk to your arms and growth to your overall being. You should try perform close-grip bench press at least once per week.

To Get Bigger Biceps, Train Arms Everyday

Sounds foolish to train your arms everyday...or to squat everyday. The bro science floating all around the internet about rest times and intervals may have you thinking that training a bodypart every day is complete nonsense. However, have you tried it? As someone who has attempted to do everyday arms and squat everyday, I have to say that it works. CT Fletcher wanted huge arms, so what did he do? He trained his arms everyday. At first you might be sore, but the body is an amazing organism. It adapts and repairs itself like nothing else. So do it for a few weeks or a few months. Train your arms everyday in some way or another. Maybe it's a full-on arm session or maybe you finish each workout with a 5-round giant set of your favorite bicep exercises. Either way, training arms everyday will give you results.

Use Full Range of Motion for Bigger Biceps

In order for any muscle to grow the muscle fibers need to be stimulated and exposed to a stimulus that causes total muscle breakdown. Using a full range of motion when performing your arm exercises will cause more muscle fibers to be recruited and thus result in faster growth of the bicep muscle. Now don't get me wrong here, you don't need an insane amount of weight, however you don't want to be curling soup cans. Choose a weight that you can rip off 8-12 full range of motions reps with good form and no cheating. A good full range of motion rep will keep the tension on your bicep the entire time. Stop at the bottom just before your arms lock-out and go all the way up just before you rest at the top - and be sure to squeeze that bicep peak at the top of the rep to promote a pump and blood flow.

Weighted Pull-Ups For Bigger Biceps

If you have read this far, you're serious about getting bigger biceps fast and are willing to do whatever it takes. One of my favorite exercises that results in bigger arms is the chin up and pull-up. And not the regular old up and down motion, no my friend, you'll need to strap on some additional weight and really put your arms to the test. You'll want to start with weightless, but ultimately work your way up to performing 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps of weighted chin-ups (palms facing you) with around 25-50 lbs. You can hold a dumbbell in your legs, or strap a kettlebell or iron plate on with a dip belt. Heck, if you don't have any of those pieces of equipment, you can simply have your kid or nephew hop on your back and you can rip off some pull-ups on the money bars. The key here though is to add weight, use full range of motion and squeeze at the top (notice a theme here??).

Weighted Dips for Bigger Arms

Staying with the theme of strapping on weight, one of the best exercises you can do to increase the size of your arms is the weighted dip. Weighted dips will destroy your chest, shoulders and triceps - all three muscles when bigger will make the overall appearance of your arms seem WAAAYYY bigger. Again, bigger biceps require a big bicep muscle, and also definition and thickness of the surrounding arm muscles like triceps and shoulders. Thus, in the quest for the pump and biceps, you need to hit all areas of your arm, hit them hard and hit them with some big boy weights.

Take a Pre Workout Powder To Get Bigger Biceps

Ok now, what are we talking about here? Will a pre-workout supplement actually help my biceps grow? Well, not necessarily, however, a pre-workout supplement will enhance your focus, energy and increase blood flow. This should result in a more intense and focused workout which will ultimately result in better and more consistent workouts and improved results - bigger biceps. Along with increased focus and energy, some pre workout supplements also enhance the absorption of nutrients and also increase blood flow to the muscle which can, in theory, result in enhanced muscle growth.

The Anatomy of the Bicep

In human anatomy, the biceps brachii, commonly known as the biceps, is a two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. Both heads arise on the scapula and join to form a single muscle belly which is attached to the upper forearm. There you have it, as if you didn't already know where your biceps was, now you know.

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