Isatori Pre Grow Max Review

This is my Isatori Pre Grow Max Review. The flavor I tried was mixed berry fruit smash and I took the supplement about 30 minutes before I did the Muscle Pharm Get Swole workout. My first impression of the supplement was that the packaging was pretty cool and the flavor was very good. No bitterness, and a solid fruit punch flavor.

Mixability was suspect however. I had to constantly keep shaking and swirling this supplement in order to keep the sediments from settling to the bottom of the cup - and there was actually a decent amount of sediment that continued to settle to the bottom even after repeated stirs and shakes.

Isatori Pre Grow Max Review Overview

  • Great taste
  • Mixed ok - a decent amount of particles at the bottom.
  • Performed well - caffeine gave me energy and could defnitely feel the beta-alanine kick in
  • Overall: GOOD
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