Max Crispy Treats - Cinnamon Crunch Review

I have been on the Max Effort Muscle supplement wagon for quite a while now. One of the products I use every day is the Max Crispy Treat.  This protein bar is used strategically as my "carb spike" when following Cory Gregory's anabolic fasting protocol.

First of all, these bars taste amazing.  They're not your traditional chewy protein bar.  They are like a conglomeration of tiny, round crispy pieces "glued" together adn then they have what seems like a sweet, frosting bottom.  I have eaten these bad boys plain, warmed-up with peanut butter on them, or my favorite, broken apart and topped with a banana and coconut milk and eaten like cereal.

The price is about what you would expect to pay for any protein bar of this caliber - about $2.50 per bar.  However, Max Effort Muscle runs specials on a regular basis and I ended up getting two boxes for free on my last order.

My favorite way to eat these is to crumble it up, dump it in a bowl and top it with 1/2 sliced banana and some coconut milk...delicious!

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