Max Effort Muscle Post Workout Supplement Review

This is my Max Effort Muscle Post Workout Supplement Review of the lemonade flavor.  I recently purchased a stack from the guys over at Max Effort Muscle.  I purchased two tubs of the post workout powder in the lemonade flavor and one pre-workout in green apple.  I have to say I was pretty happy with the post workout powder.  It mixed up very well with no grains or sediments on the bottom.  The taste was pretty good, however a full scoop in 12 oz of water was REALLY SWEET - increasing it up to 1 scoop in 20 oz of water was a pretty good ratio and it tasted much better.

However, if you're following the #juglife, you will want to fill your gallon water jug in the morning and drop in 2 scoops of Max Effort Muscle Post Workout powder into the jug and sip it all day long.  This will give you 20g of BCAAs trickling through your body all day long promoting muscle growth and recovery.

Max Effort Muscle was started by the man Cory Gregory - the guy who brought us Squat Every Day and Lunge University along with being the former president of MusclePharm.  Cory does an awesome job at Max Effort Muscle - he still responds to all of our tweets, has a show where he answers questions called the YoCoryG show and also has his subscription-based site where you can get all sorts of daily workouts, workout programs and motivation.  

Max Effort Muscle Post Workout Supplement Review

  • Tasted good - more sweet than tart - this is NOT Country Time Lemonade :)
  • Properly dosed with 5g of glutamine and 10g BCAA per scoop
  • $35 for 30 servings - not the cheapest out there, but since you only need one scoop you get more bang for your buck
  • Overall - VERY GOOD

Get yours today over at Max Effort Muscle

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