Pre Jym Review - Rainbow Sherbet

In case you didn't know, if you read the label for this product upside down, it says "WAR" - nice one Mr. Stoppani

Pre Jym Review.  Is Pre Jym Worth your Cash?  Will Pre Jym Give Me Jitters?  Does Pre Jym Taste good?  These are a few of the questions I will cover in my Jym Supplement Science Pre Jym review of the rainbow sherbet flavor.

I was able to obtain a sample of Pre Jym in my JackedPack.  I have heard quite a bit about Pre Jym over the years but never actually have threw down any cash to purchase the product so getting it as a sample was pretty cool.  Now Pre Jym is a pretty potent pre-workout product which contains 300mg of caffeine along with 2g of creatine.  That being said, you would want to watch your caffeine intake when consuming this one.

Now, to answer the questions...

Will Pre Jym Give Me Jitters

I did not experience any jitters or a crash when I took Pre Jym.

Does Pre Jym Taste Good

I thought Pre Jym was one of the better tasting pre-workout products I have tried in a while.  It was pretty sweet, no bitterness or pepper after taste.  And it tasted like what I would expect something called "Rainbow Sherbet" should taste like.

Is Pre Jym Worth Your Cash?

Pre Jym is on the higher end of the price scale for pre workout products, however you are getting 2g of creatine in there as well.  So it is more than just a caffeinated powder.  If you can find a deal, it might be worth the money, however, we're talking like only $4 or $5 more expensive than a comparable competitor so, to me, that is pretty much a wash if I like the product.

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