ProSupps Hydro BCAA Review - Sex On The Beach

Ahhhhhh Yeah!  ProSupps did it...they came up with the BEST flavoring concept for their Hydro BCAA product - naming them after popular mixed drinks!  And what better way to kick-off my initiation into the Hydro BCAA product, than with a little Sex On The Beach!  I was lucky enough to get this awesome sample in my September 2019 JackedPack.

Not only was this one of the best tasting BCAA supplements, I have ever tried, it was also dosed on the higher end of any BCAA supplements I've seen out there so I felt like I would be getting my money's worth on a scoop for scoop basis.

Their product has 10g of aminos - 7g BCAA and 3g EAA.  It was also packed with electrolytes and had zero calories!  I would recommend this to anyone as the flavor was absolutely spot-on, nutrient profile is top notch and, if anything, the name of the flavor kicks ass!

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