Rogue Fitness Dog Bone Pull-Up Bar Review

This is my Rogue Fitness Dog Bone Pull Up Bar Review.  I have had this dog bone pull up bar for over two years now and it has grown to be one of my favorite pieces of equipment.  Anything that uses fat grip implements has a home in my workout program.  Fat grips will give you huge forearms, a stronger grip, and just bigger arms overall.  So this dog bone fits right in.

The Dog Bone Pull UP Bar is made by Rogue Fitness, which is what we would probably consider top of the line fitness equipment.  It has a beautiful powder coat, smooth welds and just overall feels like a solid piece of equipment.  It is HEAVY and when I hang on it, feels like it could hold up a truck.

The pull up bar itself has a 3-inch bar with two 5 inch balls on both sides.  You can use the pull-up bar with up to 5 different grips to target different muscles in your arms, however, I usually just go with the standard hands on the balls, wide grip method.  I use this bar 3-5x per week at the end of almost every workout as part of a pull-up and ab circuit.  When doing thick implement pull-ups for 2-3 months straight I notice a big difference in the size of my forearms and overall strength.

The pull up bar clips easily on any pull-up bar using a nylon strip and carabiner (not included) however they are interchangeable with other Rogue grip implements which is a positive meaning you only have to purchase them once for $7.

I would recommend this bar to anyone at any level regardless of your goals.

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