TB12 Sports Plant Based Protein Review - Chocolate

This is my review of the TB12 Sports Plant Based Protein in the chocolate flavor.  My wife had recently purchased me the TB12 variety box for my birthday and this plant based protein powder was one of the items in the box.  While I have to admit, I loved the other snack items in the box, the chocolate protein completely missed the mark.

According to the TB12 Sports plant-based protein website page they claim the  protein powder does not have a chalky texture.  See below:

TB12 Plant-Based Protein is a clean, sustainable and complete plant protein. Each serving delivers 24 grams of protein and a complete amino acid profile (to help build lean muscle) with no sugar and just 1 net carb. Our protein mixes easily in non-dairy milk, water and smoothies, and has no chalky texture — for a clean, smooth finish every time.

I find it kind of ironic that they would take the time to say it does not have a chalky texture when that was EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS.  It was chalky and the residue stuck inside my mouth for quite a while after I would take a swig.

I have a been a huge patriots and Tom Brady fan for nearly 25 years.  Back when Drew Bledsoe was drafted so it really pained me to give this a bad review, however it was just NOT GOOD.

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