Thick Implement Grip Training Arm Workout

As a high school and elementary wrestling coach I'm always looking for an edge.  During my research on wrestling workout and conditioning I came across thick implements and grip training.  The information that I read was fascinating to me and I started adding thick implements to most of my workouts.  Ultimately I developed this workout which uses some form of thick implements and grip in every exercise.  

While this workout focuses on grip in each superset, it is suggested that during your normal workouts to integrate thick implements for the exercises you are already doing.  For instance, if your workout calls for barbell curls, throw on fat gripz etc.

Thick Implement Grip Training Workout

Super set for 4 sets
Fat Gripz/Thick Bar Curls x 10
Military Press x 8

Super Set for 4 sets
Fat Gripz Pull-Ups: max reps
50' Fat Gripz Farmer's Carry

Super Set for 4 Sets
Dog Bone / Cannonball / Grandfather Clock Grip Pull-Ups:  max reps
Fat Gripz Dead Lifts: 10 reps

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