Time Under Tension Legs, Back and Chest Workout

I'm almost 40 and my shoulders and knees aren't what they used to be.  This workout utilizes time under tension and lighter weights to save my tendons and joints and still build some muscle.  The actual implementation of what I did in this workout was sparked from when I watched "The Perfect Physique" on netflix.  Big Rammy was coaching some competitors and had them doing this type of rep scheme with really light weights with the idea being saving your joints and tendons.

Back Squat - Slow Descent Pause Rep + 1 Regular Rep @ 365#

3x Superset
20 Seated Rows
20 Barbell Shrugs 135#

Time Under Tension Incline Press 5x10
For this exercise, you go 5 seconds down, pause 1'' off your chest for a second, then 5 seconds up

TUT Chest Circuit  3x
10 Band Flys
10 Underhand Band Flys
10 Time Under Tension DB Presses (5 sec down, 1 sec pause, 5 seconds up, no full lockout)

400 Lunges

4x superset
10 GHD
10 weighted back extensions
10 fat grip pull-ups
25 weighted crunches

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