Titan T3 Series Independent Squat Stands Review

This is a review of the Titan Fitness T3 Series Independent Squat Stands.  I purchased these stands nearly 2 years ago.  I have a full setup in my basement, but since I have little kids, I wanted to workout in my garage some mornings, but I didn't want to take up a whole bunch of space and have a permanent setup out there.  I thought independent uprights would be just the ticket.

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I purchased these uprights from Titan for only $240 which included free shipping.  This was easily $125 cheaper than anything out there that could hold over 400lbs of weight.

Titan's shipping was pretty fast and the product was good quality.  It was heavy-duty steel and each upright weighs over 70lbs.  One of the uprights is not completely square however, and has a slight wobble no matter the surface I put it on.  It is more of an annoyance than an major issue as I have had over 400lbs on there for squats on my driveway no problem.

After two years of use, the uprights still look brand new and I still use them on a weekly basis.

As far as finishes, they have a black painted finish as opposed to a powder coat and the j-hook pads only cover the very base of the hook, not the angled up piece of the "j" which could possibly lead to your bar getting scratched.

If I had it to do over, I would probably purchase these again because the price was just too competitive and they work as expected.

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