30 Minute Arm Annihilation Workout

Strapped for time?  Have to run the kids around to their activities or stuck in a late work meeting?  This 30-minute arm annihilation workout will leave you with an insane pump in just under 30 minutes.  I adapted some of the exercises from the MusclePharm Balloon Arms Workout and applied the AMRAP time modality made popular by CrossFit and came up with a brutal bicep, tricep, core and conditioning workout.

Smackdown 30 Minute Arm Annihilation Workout

AMRAP 15  (As many reps as possible in 15 minutes - rest as little as possible)
Start with 45# bar and do 10 bicep curls + 20 bench dips
Continue to add 5# to each set of curls until you can't get 10 reps - then on your next set, remove 5#.  If you get all 10, do another set at that weight, if you don't get 10, drop another 5# on the next set.  Always follow-up each set of curls with 20 bench dips.
*We're starting with an empty bar as this will also serve as our warm-up

3 Set Superset
6 dumbbell curls + 5 sec twist + 4 curls
Skull Crushers: 15 reps

Assault Bike Tabata
:20 on  :10 off for 4 minutes

3 Set Superset
20 Weighted Crunches
10 GHD Hamstring Curls

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