Circuit Workout

Here is a circuit type workout I did.  I hadn't worked out in about 4 days due to a recent medical procedure. I was home with my 4 kids and the neighbor kid was also over playing at the time. 

To start my workout, I did some back squats, triples up to a heavy single. Next I did a quick circuit style workout.

My circuit consisted of:

1 Deadlift @ 475

1 Power clean @ 205

3 Military Press @ 205

30 Walking lunges

Continue for 10 rounds.

Below, I posted the videos of the first and the last sets. Throughout the workout I had some interruptions by kids, as I show you what I was dealing with, but all in all, it was 90 degrees, I was out of breath, drenched in sweat, and it was a pretty decent workout.


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