Daddy Daycare Deadlift & Drag Workout

So both Gabe's and my wives were working today so Gabe decided to make the 2hr trek to Luke's place.  Both of us have 4 kids so we were out-numbered 8-2 - fitting in a workout might be difficult.  However we are both pretty used to fitting in our workouts while watching kids so we managed to time-out naps and do some walking stroller lunges and fit in a sweet workout.

1.  Barbell Complex - 6 sets

1 Power/Squat Clean + 3 front squats + 1 shoulder to overhead - worked up to 265#
(Luke nailed a 285# squat clean at the end to cap this one off)

2.  Deadlift
EMOM 12 1 Deadlift @ 415# (Gabe did doubles)

3.  Sled Drag + Walking Lunges - 4 rounds
Alternate between .12mi sled drag / 100 walking lunges while pushing a stroller

4.  Muscle-Ups
Both Gabe and I hadn't been on the rings in over a year but we gave some muscle-ups a good go.
3 sets of 3 muscle-ups (Gabe hit 5 on his last set)

5.  Power Snatch to OHS for 5 sets
Started at 85# worked up to 155# for 5 reps

Then to top it off, Luke did an overhead carry @ 155# for 20m to take the barbell back to the garage.

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