PH3 Trainer Week 3, Day 4

So, moving on to Day 4 of the PH3 Trainer from Layne Norton which can be found here. I had Deadlift, Bench, and upper body day. I gotta tell you, this was one of my better deadlifting days of my career. I ripped off 505 for 3 sets of 4. Proceeded on to some heavy bench, then the rest of the upper body work. Video below is of the deadlift sets. I also am posting a picture of me post workout.


Deadlift 505 - 3x4
Bench press 335 - 4x5, only 3 reps last set
Flyes - 65lbs 2x12
DB Rows - 65lbs 2x12
Side Raise 25 lbs 2x12
Concentration curl 35 lbs 5x12
Tricep pressdown 80 lbs 5x12
DB curl 25 lbs x 20, 10, 10, 10- 30 sec rest
Tri. Pressdown- 60 x 20, 10,10,10- 30 sec rest


PH3 Trainer Review - Layne Norton PH3 PDF

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