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They share 7 common digital accessibility mistakes. So Business Email List you don't have to make them anymore. One response: “Thank you for these great tips! I also turned out to have a bug of a UX bug on my website. Hyperlinks only with a color. But color blind Business Email List people don't see that. Equally adapted!” Image accompanying article about digital accessibility. 8. The 4-day working week for a full-time fee: attractive or nonsense? Working 32-hour workweeks Business Email List and being paid for 40 hours: that sounds attractive.

But does this approach work for your organization? Business Email List Matthias Laqueur did an experiment in his company and shares the results in this article. And that generated a lot of reactions, with pros and cons. A selection of the reactions: "The use of holidays must be Business Email List carefully considered." “I think a 4-day work week is possible.” “People have to learn to let go.” Man thinking about 4 day work week. 9. An unmissable development in Google Ads: Performance Max [+ 7 tips] Google has been busy developing Google Ads in recent years. New is Performance Max: forget about Business Email List fancy text ads, separate ad groups and manual bids, because Google will take over everything. And how! Google Ads 10.

The 7 trends that will make the difference in social advertising this year Which trends for social advertising should we take into account this year? From Business Email List vserver-side tagging to the one-stop-shop: Sjef Kerkhofs shares the 7 trends. social advertising trends This was the top 10 of February 2022. Are you curious about the most popular articles from other months? You will Business Email List find it here . No more working from home advice: how do you really tackle hybrid working properly? YES!On Monday you can request a STAP budget up to €1,000 (incl. VAT). Register soon! 3.7k 2 reactions like bookmark Christian W. Lustig 3.7k March 1, 2022 at 08:00 7 minutes of reading New on Frankwatching New in Google Docs: auto-generated summaries fri Elon Musk buys Twitter: time to leave the platform? Business Email List fri B2B content marketing: 5 trends and fresh insights thanks to the pandemic [research] do The 4 parts (and 3 pitfalls) of your perfect about me page do From fantasy to practice: all metaverse possibilities in a row wed Working from home advice is a thing of the past.