Skinny Guy Different Workout Regime? (newbie to the gym)

Hey Everyone!
So I'm 19, 5 foot 8 inches and weight 55kg (121 pounds). I'd read online that those with a high metabolism such as me need to follow a different sort of workout regime as compared to those of a heavier weight since exercises focusing on fat cutting aren't appropriate for me. I get that cutting fat is necessary , but initially I want to bulk up on muscle before cutting the fat. Additionally I have a liver disease so no supplements/whey protein etc. I can only have protein from natural sources such as meat/pulses/dairy products etc. No other dietary restrictions. In searching for a workout program on this site I had a hard time choosing a program specific to someone skinny as there was no such option in the search for programs.
An additional question I had was that I'd read that right after working out to prevent muscular pain it was a good idea to ice the exercised muscle, but then pn another site I'd read that this prevents muscular gains. What about after the pain sets in a day or 2 later - apply heat/cold to muscle ?
Any advice would be appreciated as I'm new to gymming. Thanks