Per the math it says I should be on level 3. As I lose weight should I adjust the nutrition level or keep it the same through out the 90 days?

  • Hi Don, great question! I recommend re-evaluating and adjusting as you lose weight. Either way, you will see some great results, but adjusting your nutrition as you go will help you get the most from the program. How far into the program are you?
  • First day today........another thing I noticed when I added the different food types such as protein, fats, carbs ect., it didn't match the total calories recommended. Am I missing something?

  • I hope the first day went well! Chest and back always left me very sore. I would actually wake up in the night from all the push-ups, but I did get a lot stronger! P90x's nutrition program is a ballpark, designed for simplicity to benefit the greatest amount of people. That said, it may not be perfect for everyone.

    I am very analytical and try to track every calorie I eat. A lot of people do not, and grossly underestimate their total intake. P90x's nutrition plan doesn't go into calorie counting for this reason. How far off is P90x's nutrition guide from your calorie recommendation? If P90x is slightly over, I would stick w/P90x's plan. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you will build a lot of strength in that first phase, and the high protein diet will help build your muscle.

    If P90x is drastically off, and you are like me and are a strict calorie cruncher, I recommend following the P90x ratios of proteins, carbs and fats for each phase, but adjusting slightly to your specific caloric needs.

    One last thing: P90x is extreme, and can be very difficult to stick with. Make sure you are getting your body enough fuel so you do not crash. The fat shredder phase is hard due to the low carbs. Once you get through that, you will find it easier to get through the workouts when you increase your carb intake.

    I hope this info helps, and please continue to update us with your progress! P90x will make you all around stronger and will burn fat. You might not see drastic results on the scale right away, but record your reps and you will see yourself getting stronger, and your clothes fitting differently. And, if you need an accountability partner, you've got one right here on the the forums!

  • Typically I'd never recommend anyone to start at Level III eating. Start at Level II. Also, depending if you're using the meal plan or portion approach, the calories don't work-out exactly. Take a look in the downloads section - there is a portion approach grid you can use to track your eating. This worked very well for me back in 2009 when I completed P90X (and made it in the infomercial).
  • I'm not sure man. Some of us bigger dudes need the extra calories to start. That said, P90x might be a little too intense for guys like me. I'm doing T25 to shred some fat first but plan to do P90x once I drop a few. 250 was much to heavy for all the pullups in P90x.
  • True, but he's only 2 bills - I was over 200 when I started too on Level II eating
  • That's true, but you're also a freak of nature. ;)
  • Sticking within the recommended portions.....I am only eaten ng around 2100 calories. I have been making it thru the workouts ok, but the ab ripper will take some time for
  • Good work - I stuck to 2200 calories until Phase 3 - then I was almost able to eat whatever I wanted and was still dropping pounds - my only "Cheats" for the entire 90 days were one cookie and a piece of bread that was not whole wheat.