Resistance Band Only Workout Programs

The resistance band only workout programs are designed to be done in your home with minimal equipment.  All you should need is 4 sets of red mini bands - I recommend the bands from EliteFTS, a clock and your best effort.  The workouts should last  between 30 and 45 minutes (sometimes less).  

If you can't make it to the gym, just starting out these resistance band only programs are a great way to get moving and get a workout in where ever you are.  I have used individual workouts in this program when on vacation as well.  I just throw my bands and a small lat pull handle in my suitcase and BOOM - traveling gym.

The resistance band only workout programs can be performed in any order.  Each program is designed for 4 weeks, but feel free to mix and match meaning do a full week of program 1, and then a full week of program 2.  The main thing to consider with the resistance band only workout program, and any program for that matter, is to be consistent and get your nutrition in check.