SixPack Jacked Workout Program

Getting jacked isn't just something that happens overnight - it's an attitude - a lifestyle. SixPack Jacked is a collection of  free workout programs online.  These are muscle-building, 4-week trainers designed to maximize lean mass gain while minimizing fat gain.  This mass building program - the SixPack Jacked program - assumes you will be following the SixPack Jacked diet plan.  

We recommend starting with Phase 1 as it will lay the foundation for the rest of this program.  After you complete Phase 1, you can complete each of the additional 4-week trainers.  Once you get as big as you want to be we recommend hitting one 4-week cycle of the SixPack Shredded program to clean-up any unwanted body fat and really get chiseled.

Start Here with our SixPack Jacked Phase 1 or choose another phase from the table of contents below.

SixPack Jacked 4-Week Workout Phases