SixPack Shredded #2: Shredded Strength

This program is for those trying to get their shred on while keeping their strength up.  There is nothing more bad-ass than looking like a freak and squatting like one too!


Deadlift 3x5

5 set superset
Chin-Ups Max Reps
Wide Lat Pull Downs - 12 reps slow

5 Set Superset
Barbell Rows - 8 reps
Barbell Shrugs - 12 reps

4 Set Superset
DB Pull Over 12 reps
1-Arm Rows 8-12 reps

100 Ab Wheels

400 Walking Lunges

GHD and Back Extensions - 4 sets


Bench Press 5x5

4 Set Superset
DB Incline Press 8 reps
Flat Bench Flyes 10 reps

4 Set Superset
Decline Bench 10 reps
Weighted Dips 10 reps

100 Pull-Ups - Alternate grips

400 Lunges

GHD + Back Extensions  4 Sets


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Saturday - Sweat Day

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Sunday - Rest Day

Eat. Rest. Grow