Workout 2

  1. Warm-Up
    5 minutes jogging. At the top of each minute, 10 burpees

  2. Back Squat Technique
    3x25 back squats with an empty barbell
    *focus on getting down below parallel

  3. Bench Press 3x30 - you choose the weight

  4. Power Cleans - work up to a heavy TnG double
    TnG = touch and go

  5. Front Squat Technique
    3x10 - you choose the weight, but should be relatively easy
    *focus on the front rack position, high elbows, tight lats, vertical torso

  6. Conditioning
    Run 1 mile
    Rest 3 minutes
    Run ¾ mile
    Rest 2 minutes
    Run ¼ mile with a 25# plate overhead

  7. Lunge University
    200 walking lunges
    *100 of the lunges performed while holding the 25# plate