Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I follow this program?

A:  The Strong Wrestler is a 30-day program.  You pick a day you want to start (we suggest Monday) and perform Workout 1 that day.  Each day you perform the next workout until you complete all 30 workouts (hopefully in 30 days).  We have also programmed in your rest days, so for example, when you get to workout 4, the programmed "workout" is to take a rest day, so that is your "workout" for that day.

Q:  How should I be squatting?

A:  You should be squatting slightly below parallel with the bar on top of your traps (high bar) as opposed to a wide stance and low bar position.  Squatting in the high bar position will hit our quads more which is what we want as an athlete.  Don't use a bar pad (aka: Wuss Pad) and be sure you're getting down low. 

Q: What if I don't get all the reps on my 5x5 Squats or Bench Press?

A: If you fail one (or more) of the sets you have two options.  Option 1:  If you were really close to completing the sets (say you missed 1 or 2 reps on the final set), use the same weight during your next workout.  If you got totally destroyed you can drop back down 5# or 10# depending on how bad you got smoked ;)

Q:  What should I do after I complete all 30 days of the Strong Wrestler Wrestling Workout Program?

A: Once you complete all 30 days of the Strong Wrestler program you have a few options.  You can simply do the program for another 30 days!  We are compiling a list of different conditioning workouts that you can substitute, but the strength portion of the program (along with the lunges) can be continued for as long as you want. 

Q:  What should I do if I have to miss a workout?

A:  Well, if you want to be a true bad-ass, you'll wake up an hour earlier and get it done!  Otherwise we suggest doing one of our bodyweight workouts or simply taking a rest day and hopping back on the program where you left off.  So if you were supposed to do Day 8 but couldn't, do Day 8 tomorrow and keep going.

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Q:  How Did You Come Up With This Strength Program For Wrestlers?

A:  I was a successful wrestler in high school.  While I did have some very good success, looking back (now almost 20 years) it is easy to see where I went wrong and the major holes in my game.  After high school I focused on work and working out were I have tried numerous workout programs in the past several years.  I also started going in and working out with our varsity wrestling team for the past three years and each year was a little different.

Year 1:  I thought I was in pretty good shape, but like any old man who goes back into the wrestling room, I got tired after 3-4 minutes.  I was mainly doing CrossFit training at the time.

Year 2:  I went to practice and was able to roll with the guys for an entire practice and really not get tired at all.  At this time I was doing kind of a hybrid between CrossFit, StrongLifts and Lunging 1/4 mile per workout.

Year 3:  I was back on strictly CrossFit and again, my overall wrestling conditioin was not quite up to par.

Reflecting on these three years of rolling with the varsity made me look at how I was training during the season where I was not getting tired at all and morph that into a workout program.  The idea is to build brute strength with 5x5, keep your endurance up with CrossFit style metcons and build CRAZY leg endurance and stamina with the walking lunges.  This trifecta has proven to be a beast in the room as far as overall wrestling conditioning.